LGT Count Dooku Proffieboard not showing up on PC

Hello I just got the new LGT Count Dooku hilt and the way the proffieboard sits in the core its very hard to get access to it

I can plug it in with a different cable then i usually use because it wont fit and it does make a noise (saying sd card not found like the same with my other LGT hilts) but i cant see the board in Arduino, Zadig, Device Manager or Control Panel after holding the BOOT and pressing RESET many times

Might be a problem with the cable.
If that’s not it, then you’re going to need to talk to LGT about this, as it’s a problem with their chassis/board.

Im about to try a different 90° cable to see if that works, I hope its just the cable and not the board

I messed up bad, the board still works just the microusb connect is broken

Am I able to connect and upload configs from the charging port if the kill switch is on and no battery in?

I don’t know how the LGT charge port is wired, but if it’s not hooked up to the USB port on the board, then the answer is no.

Is there any harm in trying and seeing what happens??

No harm will come to the board or your computer from trying that.
Only your piece of mind is at risk. :slight_smile: