LEDS not correct after blade shutoff

When I turn the killswitch on, all LEDs are correct and working perfectly. When I ignite, again everything works perfectly. If I turn off ignition a couple more times and reignite, still everything works perfect. However, after about three ignitions whenever I turn off the main blade the crystal chamber and button light colors are not correct. If I ignite the blade again, they are correct and work perfect but when I turn the blade off they are wrong. If I use the kill switch to cut all power and turn it back on the same behavior repeats itself. I added 330 ohm resistors to all data channels and still have the problem. I am using Proffie V2 wired exactly like in your diagram. Any thoughts? It really looks like a data line problem. THe lights illuminate but are the wrong color and look like they are straining to come on.

Start by posting your config file.
Also, it might be helpfuil to post a video of what it looks like.

warsaver_config.h (10.2 KB)

warsaver_config.h (8.5 KB)

The guy from Warsabers says its a “Proffieboard glitch”. Im not sure I believe that.

So I think it was in my config. I think I was messing around with an effect on BOOT and what I thought was normal was just the BOOT effect and everything after was actually correct. How long does it take the Proffie to boot? As far as effects how long should they last?

The video is private, so I can’t see it.
Try setting it to “unlisted” or “public”.

BOOT is an event that doesn’t have a length, it just triggers sound and effects.
If the sound has a length, that might define how long a light effect shows up too, depending what the style does.

It’s all good. I don’t think I ever had a problem. The lights were acting normal. I just didn’t realize it. As usual thank you for all your help!

Ok so the LEDs were still not working like normal. I made the YouTube video public so you should be able to see it now. I completely switched out the proffieboard. Im pretty confident I can eliminate that from the list of causes of the problem. Im really starting to think that its the ancillary PCB that warsabers sells with the Starkiller. Maybe a single bad LED bulb on the strip? Would that cause something like this? There is a mosfet on one of the PCBs that maybe is bad? But would that still explain why the LEDs on that PCB work properly when the blade is ignited? Im starting to rip my hair out with this one.

Its really weird. Its almost as if they dont malfunction until after the blade retraction sound is done playing. Is that when the power cuts off? Im also wondering if the Warsabers PCBs sharing the LED negative wire is to blame? Im running out of ideas here.

If you’re sharing power pins, did you add


YOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! That did it!!! Thank you so much!!! I dont know how I missed that! I usually have that option saved on my base config template but for some reason it wasnt there! Thank you so much!!!

Great to hear, you’re welcome.