KR Acolyte saber build. This is also my first build

Good day! So im building my first saber and im a little confused on the wite up for the main and aux switches. i understand the S1 is “power/main” and S2 is “aux” and “com” wire runs to neg. my confusion is to the left side of the switch board. Not sure what to do there. Im guessing that “DI” and “DO” are data 1&2? Any help would be appreciated.

DI stands for “data in” and DO stands for “data out”. The neopixels on the board are connected together in a chain, and the board designer gave you a pad for the input and output of the data signal.

You only need to connect DI to get the pixels to light up. DO can be used if you have some other pixels in the hilt you would like to connect as part of the same chain (blade).

You can connect the DI pad to any data pin on the Proffieboard, just make sure you have that pin configured as a blade in your configuration file.

Welcome to the forum, and let us know if you need any more help!

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Thank you sir. I appreciate it!

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