Korbanth OWK1 install


• Korbanth OWK1 old series hilt
• custom designed 3D-printed chassis system with metal tubes and sound board hatch
• 1 button + motion control
• 28mm bass speaker in the removable pommel
• in-hilt battery charging and SD card Data access through USB-C port
• charging status Red/Green LED indicator
• Kill Switch
• Pixelblade configuration with SCW NPXL connector
• removable Protected 18650 3.7V 3000-3500mAh battery
• Proffieboard v2.2 sound board
• FSC-BT909 bluetooth remote control module
• OLED display
• total weight of the saber without blade: 490 g
• duel worthy



Very nice! Much nicer than my OWK, which has a TeensySaber V2 in it. :slight_smile:

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Thank you! Love this saber, but unfortunately it must be shipped to its new owner :sweat_smile:

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Really nice work!
I would be interested to know how the chassis is secured to the emitter end?
I have a Goth3d Padawan chassis in my OWK, but it doesn’t secure well to the emitter. I had to use some kapton tape to pressure fit it.


pressure fit + brass thumbscrew with the red “crystal” piece.

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Will you add it to your shapeways store? I would love to reinstall my OWK with this system

Absolutely :+1:

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