Kill Switch Use Necessity?

With idle off times, what is the current need to use the kill switch / remove battery in a Proffieboard v2.2? I sometimes leave it powered overnight, neglecting to toggle the kill switch.

What are the negative implications of leaving the board powered most of the time? Thanks and MTFBWY

Assuming your battery has a proper protection circuit, the worst that can happen is that you need to recharge your battery.

For most standard sabers, the “standby time” is counted in months, so leaving it on for a day or two just doesn’t matter. If you have a display, touch buttons, or something else that stays on all the time, then the battery will drain a lot faster, but it’s still not a big deal.

That’s great. You know, I heard so much about how the inconvenience of kill switch was a Proffie con. With that kind of standby capability, I just don’t get why I’d ever kill the power!

If you have an OLED, even when off, does that still drain power? if I recall correctly it’s connected to SD power so it can be powered off, but is that a feature that works?

It is a con, just not one that matters as long as you’ve got a removable battery. It would be very nice to have a proper deep sleep, which I’m desperately hoping for with the v3.7 (Which I believe there has been progress made towards).

The ability to have the saber retain its capacity over periods of time would be nice, since I’ll currently charge my saber, and a week or so later want to go pick it up, and since I left the battery in it will be significantly depleted. That’s a bit of a hassle, if I want a full charged battery I have to leave it out of the saber.

Deep Sleep still doesn’t consume no power, but it would be less that you would likely not even see anything over months rather than that battery just “still having charge” after a couple weeks.

I prefer to not trigger the protection circuit on my battery if not necessary as well. Even though it shouldn’t fail, if it does, that’s the last thing I want to deal with.

So long as you remove the battery for extended periods of storage and just be mindful of it, you’re more than safe, and like Proffezorn said, absolute worst case that’s what the protection circuit is for.

EDIT: Sorry for my small rant :sweat_smile:

Even if you take the battery out and keep it separately from the saber, it will still loose some charge over time, that’s just how lithium-ion batteries work.

Li-ion batteries also wear out. After ~10 years it’s time to replace them, even if they haven’t really been used.

The V3 board has some of the button pads tied to wakeup pins on the cpu, which should make it possible to turn the CPU off entirely. It’s not clear how much the power draw will be in this state though.

Well it’s good to know that there’s some thought being put into it. Obviously the battery will still discharge, but if deep sleep can decrease the rate of discharge to the point where the saber can be stored for at least a week or so without noticeable power loss, that would be a win IMO.

Does the OLED currently impact battery drain with the 2.2 when wired up to SD Power?

Yes it does.
In fact, even if you just add the ENABLE_SSD1306 to your config file without wiring up a display, it can impact your battery drain.

Interesting, would you mind explaining why that is?

Two reasons:

  1. The communication with the display is one-way, so the code doesn’t really know if it’s there or not.
  2. The current display code doesn’t have a proper idle/shutdown mode which would shut it down if nothing is currently displayed. It just sets the pixels to black and keeps running.

While this is neither a pro nor a con I will ADVISE changing the stock LowBatt alarm with something softer or more “In-Universe”. Being woken up at 3:13 am and thinking we had a fire alarm going off was funny but yeah, the second time I about fell off the bed getting up fast.

So just saying, if you’re gonna let it sit in Sleep Mode until the battery possibly drains down expect in a few months to be woken up abruptly.

I changed mine to to a screaming goat and regretted it.


Ah, I see, that makes sense, thank you.

Haha, I used TTS and some fun tweaking in Audacity to make it say “Kyber Crystal Unstable” I believe that’s actually what the Verso says as well when it’s low.

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It matters to me for soldering purposes, as I’m no master and have recently shorted a battery by way of involuntary hand shimmy even with my grandpa goggles.

It’s also super helpful if you use basic shielding and (dare I say it) no full on modern chassis. Then you can get the board in place and then apply power so you’re not getting gesture ignitions.

I tend to use silicone wiring and tube scraps/foam/tape, with my batteries wired in.

Best reasoning to double check kill switch before lights out right there.

Funnily enough, the default low battery sound on Verso says “crystal core unstable”

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Haha, yeah, I thought it was something like that.

“I changed mine to to a screaming goat”
Hah that was me. Now I do Wilhelm Scream :slight_smile:

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Hey buddy, Imma need you to send me that file or it didn’t happen. :wink:
I put the Proxy lowbatt.wav sound into the Free Font page.
May have to ask @NoSloppy to assist with a Sling Blade “It ain’t got no gas innit.” version too.

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