Jedi fallen order extra preon and postoff

Hi Peeps.

I have a soundfont that has an folder structure of font/_Extras/Preon_Pstoff_Spoilers/Preon_Pstoff/

and within that there’s specific versus modes and I created a config for the fallen order and want to use those preons specific. I wanted to know if I should optimize these folders as ALTNNNN

Depends entirely on what it is you’re trying to do. altNNN is a very specific set up and requires the style to support. Typically, “_Extras/” are just that, extra sounds the font maker included outside of the font’s original set up.

what I wanted to do is create the main JFO style with the different options and create a new font in the edit mode for each character. but have it all on the same font folder. if that’s possible.
do I just create a new font folder?

I think you’re crossing up Edit Mode and Alt fonts. If you want different effects and fonts accessible in a single style you use Alt Font with Special Abilities. If you want different fonts fixed to style options you use separate presets and efit the style option and font via Edit Mode, Workbench or Style Arguments. You can’t do both, they are very different mechanisms.

One way to do this is to use font search paths. I do that on my K4 saber together with the “Hero Pack” font, like this:

Unfortunately, this type of setup does not currently work with Edit Mode, so if you want to use edit mode, you’ll need to make a copy of the font, then copy the extra files into their proper location in the font directory and then use that.

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I just watch the special abilities with the Jedi survivor soundfont and I’m wondering if i can use that with the altNNNN setup. that’s exactly what I was planning on using. p.s. phase 2 is looking great.