It looks Like 32TEN will need to relocate or worse

*Please, if you’re a true fan and can somehow share this out by all means do so.

32Ten is where ILM began and has stood as a studio forever.

For those not in the same circles I have, 32TEN, aka 3210 Kerner Blvd, San Rafael, CA is and was a “pilgrimage” I made when I needed to drop off a bicycle build for a certain guy’s people/family and was told to go there instead of TheRanch. When I arrived I realized why I felt what friends and myself call “home”. When I was a kid we’d stopped by there and I was clued in as to its origins. I got the full tour. Met all the people there that day, names you see listed in the credits of all three movies from the original trilogy. Sadly based on what everyone is now finding out things have changed.

The only thing I can see possibly happening to save the property (*if you’re a local or connected, let’s be dead honest here, you know it’s likely to get demolished and built over since the spot right next to AAMCO has been demolished already) is if someone can pull off a hat-trick and it’s deemed a historical-site. I have no avenues to offer as support other than this “trivial” bit of fandom that you’re welcome to share on your pages. Maybe someone will step up because I hope something is worked out. It’s not like Disney can’t do something to make it financially viable. I don’t know if George or anyone else is even gonna try.

Stuff like this happens all the time. I accept it. That said I just wanted to take a moment to share this piece of information about a spot that’s ingrained in all of our lives since it’s one of the places the inspiration and work happened that’s such a big part of our little hobby.


Update, it looks like there may be something in the works. George Lucas' former Marin Industrial Light and Magic studio closing, some employees vow to save it. - ABC7 San Francisco

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