Issues with Sandisk SD cards

For some reason Sandisk Ultra and Ultra Plus 32GB cards aren’t being read by my multiple boards. Keep getting a failed to mount SD Card message both in WebUSB and the serial monitor. PC and Mac can read and transfer to those cards. The board will just hang on the Ultra Plus then give the error message about 3 min later and immediately give the SD Card not found message on the Ultra. I used a PNY 32GB, Sandisk Ultra 16GB, and it worked. All formatted with FAT32 with the same process (through the formatter program).…/sandisk-ultra…/6346822.p… - bought direct from and not a 3rd party.

Only difference between these and another Sandisk Ultra I bought were these two were post-pandemic purchases.

Anyone know why this is happening? And any suggestions on a good 32GB card? (PNY I had 4 fail out of 6 and Kingston all failed out of 3 after 2 weeks of use)

Amazon is full of 3rd parties and the chance of “knock offs” is not small.
That said, I have not had any issues and great performance from Kingston 32GB microSDHC Canvas Select Plus cards from Amazon.
Kingston 32GB microSDHC Canvas Select Plus

Recently I purchased some 8GB “Industrial” ones direct from Kingston but haven’t tried them out yet.
Kingston Direct

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I had been burned before but I made sure to buy just the sold by: Amazon one, would’ve figured that would be legit, given it cost more. The Ultra Plus was straight from a brick and mortar Best Buy store.

As for the Kingston cards, I had 3 Kingston Canvas Select Plus which had decreasing performance on sdtest before crapping out.

I wish I had some advice here, but the SD card market is just not stable enough to be able to recommend anything with any level of confidence, sorry.

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Makes sense. No worries!

Any time I buy something “name brand” on Amazon…i ALWAYS but the one thats “Shipped and Sold by Amazon

This marketplace has been over saturated with fake/knockoffs and drop-ship overseas products to the point where I don’t trust any seller but 'Ships and Sold by Amazon" at this point

What we actually need is an ISO9000-certified SD card maker who publishes TBW and other specifications of their SD cards, and if the specifications change, so should the model number.

That might seem like an outrageous demand, but it’s standard practices in the chip business.

The SD card market is currently more concerned with color than TBW.


The one I bought was shipped and sold by Amazon. Still didn’t work. The issues are at th manufacturer side.

Late to the party on this one, but I’ve had great luck with Kingston Industrial SD cards purchased directly from the Kingston website.

Fast and reliable for me, I have 6 of them in 8GB, that I run in various sabers.

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I accidentally received the industrial version. Maybe Amazon miss shipped or fakes? I did not have favorable results (sounds skipped a lot on all 3 I tried) so I put them in the pile of hundreds of other random flash memory devices. Maybe a couple of reformats with ‘SD card Formatter’ or poney up for off the Kingston site.

I’ve had a Kingston Industrial 8GB direct from the Kingston website that is running fast with no blade effects lag.

Also been getting Kioaxia Exceria 32GB cards with some batches of Proffies and those are running surprisingly a little faster than the Kingston Industrial. Not sure about long term reliability but read that Kioaxia was formerly Toshiba memory so that gives some level of assurance.

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