Issues with 1-button Gestures enable/disable as well as previous/next preset

Not sure if something changed in V7 or if it’s my V3 board, but I’m having a hell of a time consistently activating the “gestures enabled/disabled” command as well as the “previous/next preset” command when using the Fett263 prop file. Did the button timings change somewhere between V6 and V7? It feels completely different to my V2 board running V6.9 (on which I can trigger those commands every time).

Thanks in advance folks.

Maybe record a video of what you’re doing (post on youtube and link here)
I think it would be helpful to see what you’re actually doing.

(Also, moved post to the Fett263 corner, since this is about the fett263 prop.)

I may have spoken a bit too soon - I think my button might be a bit jacked up. Seems to work more reliably if I mash it in a certain direction with my fingernail.

Some controls were changed for OS7, refer to the top of the prop or this page.

Thanks! Yeah, I noticed the changes to the commands. Not sure if my board is weird or my button or if there’s something else causing the inconsistencies. Here’s a video of how I’m turning gestures on and off (pay no attention to the nail polish - it’s a memorial to my sister-in-law who passed last week.)

The weird thing is that I can activate the volume menu EVERY time with no issue.

Maybe the “pointing down” angle is insanely specific and narrow?

Seems like you’re not clashing hard enough on the times it’s not registering.

Will check the clash strength setting, thanks!

I just hold the button and then use the blade to hit to tip of my shoe and it seems to work.

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