Issue with interactive blade styles

hi all, trying to play around with the interactive blade styles and no matter which one I try I get this
error: cannot resolve overloaded function ‘StylePtr’ based on conversion to type ‘StyleFactory*’
I’m on the latest proffie OS and used the Fett config tool to generate the config

Please show the full error message. (Use the “copy error message” button in arduino.)

Also, post your config file.

Thanks so much for the super fast reply, I went to generate the error code again and noticed a rouge comma at the end of the style. Not sure why the style generator is doing that , weird. I verified the issue by generating the style a couple more times just be sure. Either way deleted the comma and it compiled and loaded fine .
Thanks again

If you mean my style library, it always includes a comma at the end of the style. You don’t need to manually add commas with library generated styles. If you’re adding a comma then technically you’re generating the “rogue” comma ;-).

LOL , i promise I did not add it direct copy and paste from the Fett263 tool. I only noticed it because when I pasted it , I noticed the above style did not terminate with a comma ( also from the fett263 tool) so I just deleted it from the water blade style and boom it worked. For reference this worked : “>>>()” this did not “>>>(),” both generated by tool . The first is just Hyper Responsive Rotoscope and the second is Interactive Water Blade. For reference this also happens when i generate the Interactive fire blade. Also I would just like to thank you for all your hard work on this stuff. Your tools and libraries and clutch.

That doesn’t sound right, all OS7 styles end in “(),” it’s hardcoded into the Get Style button. I just double checked both styles and they generate correctly, I can’t see any instances in the library that would generate a style without “(),” unless you selected the Using Function.

hmm I don’t think so but I will give it a look, sorry don’t mean to cause trouble. On another note the fire and water interactive blades are so damn cool. Now to figure out how to get a linear potentiometer to control blade length in real time.