Issue with Crystal Chamber Color code

The crystal chamber seems to change color shortly after blade retraction.
I altered the original Crystal Chamber color codes (from SoloSabers LLC, who completed the installation) to match the color codes present in my blade styles. About 3 seconds after blade retraction the color changes drastically. Blues become greens, oranges become red. I even plug the code into Frederik’s style editor, but it does not duplicate the issue. Any ideas?
Video of issue (Google Drive)
Pastebin Post comparing original CC code and altered CC code

Any Help Is Greatly Appreciated, Thanks in Advance!

What kind of LED is this?
How is it wired?
What does the blades array look like?

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Pastebin (link above and below) has been updated with the blade configuration added to the bottom of the text document.
Pastebin Post comparing original CC code and altered CC code

@profezzorn - Additional information from SoloSabers LLC: The crystal chamber LED is a “single neopixel accent on data 2.”

I hope that with this information and the above configuration code that your questions are answered.
Thanks for your time by the way! :slight_smile:

I don’t see anything weird or why it would turn green.
Your color of Rgb<0,135,255> is the same as DeepSkyBlue.

But what’s the reason to have the pulsing set for BOOT, NEWFONT, and RETRACTION as layered TransitionEffectL layers instead of just having it simply as the Color when off?
If it’s so that it times out after 80 seconds, you can do that with #define IDLE_OFF_TIME 80000 instead and change all this:


to just this:

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@NoSloppy and @profezzorn Thanks for taking the time to help me with this issue.

Apparently when I merged the installers config and mine I forgot to add the installers line - #define SHARED_POWER_PINS
Adding this line seems to have solved the problem.

That was my next question. I only hesitated because I know Jeremy would have had that define in there, so I somewhat assumed it was active already.
Glad you’re up and running.

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