Is there a way to enter volume mode by holding to Aux?

I purchased an ELF Sabers EP6 Luke Hero from the Syber Sabers website. It has a sliding switch instead of the traditional push buttons , so i’m not able to click Power and AUX both at the same time. The vendor suggested that I turn it into a one button set up if I want volume control. I prefer to keep the two button setup if possible. Can anyone help this newbie out?

You’d have to modify or create your own prop.

Just note, you want to carefully plan out changes as you can inadvertently create conflicts or interefere with other controls depending on the prop you’re based on.

If you’re not really up to modifying a prop, the 1 button option is probably your easiest path.

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Thanks! I will try it out

The SA22C prop that comes bundled with ProffieOS has entering volume menu as a medium press of AUX. Look in the props folder for it, and at the top of that file it gives all the button controls. You’ll obviously need to reference it in your config and re-upload, but at least you won’t need to build a complete new prop file.

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I’m still stuck at what kind of switch it is. Like a 2 position kill switch? But it’s your POW and AUX somehow?
How does it actually work?

Thanks! I will try this first

Hi, here is a demo that I found on youtube comparing the ELF Saber that I have to an 89sabers version. The slide button demo is at the 4:46 timestamp.

Oh so it slides one way or the other and you can’t press both buttons at the same time.
Yeah so you can just change enter volume menu to whatever button command you want, as long as it’s not already used.

What prop file is set in your config?

This is what is in the config file that came on the SD card

#include "../props/saber_fett263_buttons.h"

Could I make a copy of the saber_fett263_button prop file and just change the “hold aux to Scroll Preset” to “hold aux to Enter Volume Menu”?

That’s the right idea, yes.
Name the copy something different, and change the file name in the config.
The edit means finding that button event and changing the executed call from scroll presets to enter volume menu. Might be a few things involved with that. Maybe @fett could chime in on how much other stuff is tied to that change if it’s not straight forward to do.

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It’s not a simple change in my prop, you’ll need to make multiple changes as there are other controls already mapped, hence why I noted needing to plan out the controls ahead. There also other controls that use both buttons so you’ll also need to remap those and will most likely run out of available controls. For my prop it will be easier to use 1 button set up. Although with the slide I imagine you’re going to have trouble with a lot of the controls as a click versus a medium hold vs a long hold, as well as double or triple click, may prove challenging. My prop assumes momentary buttons, that slide thing is probably going to limit what you can actually do.