Is there a ProffieBoard axis diagram?

Is there a Proffieboard axis diagram for configuration of the ORIENTATION_ROTATION parameter? I did a quick search online but couldn’t find anything. The docs for orientation rotation just show three values. I know it’s particularly difficult to show the locations of axis and their corresponding values on a 2D image.

The most “default” orientation I have seen is with the USB port fully visible (and the BOOT and RESET buttons visible), and pointing south (in a 2D plane).

Thanks for your time!

Do you really need ORIENTATION_ROTATION though?
Most of the time, all you need is the ORIENTATION define:

ORIENTATION_ROTATION is only needed if your board isn’t mounted at a right angle compared to the blade.

Also, ProffieOS doesn’t care if the board has the buttons up or down, as long as the direction of the blade is known relative to the board.

My thought was that the Proffie board from ThePachStore in their chassis has the board at an angle. The USB port is still “facing away” from the blade. However, the twisting motions for activation or next font/prev font don’t seem to work as well as I like. Was just brainstorming and realized that the Proffie is installed at an angle, not straight in the chassis.

If it is installed at an angle, then yes, you may need ORIENTATION_ROTATION.
I don’t know that we have any real diagrams or anything that shows how to use it. However, I can offer a little help:

You can use “monitor clash” to have proffieos print out what the accelerometer is measuring. When the board is flat, this should be near 0,0,1, and when your ORIENTATION_ROTATION is correct, then the first number should stay near zero as you rotate the saber around its axis.

Awesome, I ended up using ORIENTATION_ROTATION 0,-20,0 and the twist controls seem to be working a little more reliably now.

I’ll continue to mess with this parameter on my own!