Is there a max value for the volume on Proffieboard V2

I have my volume set for 3000. Iam not sure if that’s max. Can I set it higher? Haven’t heard any distortion yet?

Yes, and no.
In theory, any number can be used, but above 3000 you will definitely start to get distortion, and at some point it just won’t get any louder.

Ok. I’ll probably try 3200 it won’t blow it because I can turn it down in the menu anyway.thanks.

I set to 3200. Sounds great, sound is 50 percent of the fun for me. I like when the ignition startles me a little. Put your saber on a ESB Graflex and It should be a little startling. To me it’s worth a little risk , what is it 7 bucks and 2 wires to solder. I could probably go higher but I think iam at that sweet spot. Iam just posting in case someone was wondering the same. I have it in a 89 graflex hilt so it can be a little quiet . if you don’t pump it up. I always seal the back area of my speaker with e6000 and a special cut piece of thin plexiglass. :+1: