Is there a Blade Style wiki?

Did you all happen to decide on a Google-accessible place where we can share Proffie blade styles and style-editing tips?

As a beginner, and a Google-fu master, I was surprised at the lack of a dedicated, shared Proffie bladestye “database” (other than Fett). Probably because of how fast Proffie is growing! I was thinking of compiling my favorite blade styles with “suggested” soundfont pairings and hosting it on my own, along with some walkthrough tutorials on how to achieve certain effects using the style editor, but thought sharing it directly at the source might be better.

Well, we have a wiki, but it’s not google-accessible really, because it’s on github.
Also, it doesn’t really have an area for sharing styles.

I created a thread on TRA for sharing threads:TeensySaber blade style sharing thread. | The Rebel Armory
It’s still there, but people don’t use it much anymore.

I could create a thread or category for on here I suppose?

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My library will be getting a “font pairing/matching” feature in Phase 3 along with some other new bells and whistles, as for sharing your own styles I’ve been directing users here: Blade Styles - The Crucible

Just post a new thread for each style, with the prefix “OS X.X-” for version - “name /description of style” - “creator”, there are several examples already there.