Is the Color Type editable in edit mode

Hi @Fett263

I am rebuilding my config cause I realised that I didn’t add emitter flare options other then ON so I’m going through the options and the Color Type you have has many different options but I was wondering is it possible to edit the color type if you have multiple base color types such as the style options:
The Duel: Ronin
The Duel: Bandit Leader
The Twins: Karre
The Twins: Am
The Village Bride: F

or would you need to separate them out with different presets for each style?

“Color Type” in the library is a modifier to how the base color appears. You’d need a new style if you wanted a different modifier. There are no arguments for modifiers so they’re not editable after the style has been uploaded, the colors used can be edited but the modifier is static.

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cool, is there any way to check the sliders on the emitter size, my saber has windows in the emitter and my blade is 7 leds long in the emitter and it would be nice to see what the minimum size for the emitter is so that you can set it and forget it. just curious where I should put the request.

Emitter Size is editable under “Style Settings” in the menu. It uses EMITTER_SIZE_ARG.

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what I noticed though is that when I set the emitter size it had used the configured

as the minimum size and its slightly out of the emitter of my saber. so having numerical value in the style library helps me with sliding the emitter size e.g. 32678 = full blade (on mine it’s 128 led) so 7 led = 1787.

it’s a nice to have

It will depend entirely on the length of the blade itself.

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