Is preon considered SaberBase::IsOn?

Unfortunately, if the blaster deflect control is done during preon, you deflect a blaster bolt while the blade is retracted.
Is there a way to correct this?

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SaberBase::IsOn() should return false while the preon is playing.
Note that PropBase::IsOn() (Or simply IsOn()) returns true during preon.

Either we’ll need to change prop_base to use SaberBase::IsOn when for the “MODE_ON”, or we’ll need to have a check after the case EVENT(....) that checks that the saber is actually on.
Not sure which makes the most sense, but the second one is certainly less risky.

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ok, well it works of course adding it to the prop. So it needs to be added to anything that can be triggered. (a lot of places (blast, lightning block, quote etc…)

That’s fine, it didn’t take more than 5 mins, but wouldn’t is be better if it ere universal?
How involved is it to just make MODE_ON = SaberBase::IsOn() ?

But “preon” means just that right? It’s not actually “on” yet…

Revisiting this, but not following. Are you saying preon should change?

I don’t know.
I’m saying that the way it works now is that “preon” (“before” “on”) plays before the saber turns on. Which seems fairly reasonable to me, but maybe it isn’t.