Is possible to find the BOOT sound file and modify it in SD card?

Hi all, here is my problem…I have several 89-chassis with Proffieboard V2.2 installed, For some of them after updating the config file the boot sound was gone forever, I want to bring it back but I don’t know where the boot sound font file is located. Is there a chance to find it and modify it with other short WAV format music or movie quotes?

Have you properly formatted the SD contents and the specific font folder you switched to in a way that mirrors what 89 Sabers originally had on them?

Did you move things around or are you intending to keep a specific boot sound active for a specific thing, like when you first boot the saber up but haven’t yet selected a preset?

This all matters so we can answer correctly. It could be a difference simply in the config layout, or how you have the font folders setup.

Ultimately I’ll say “Yes” just as long as the file is properly formatted and doesn’t stress the speaker you can for all intents use any font folder sound. Ideally you should have a copy of the boot for the saber for the specific preset in the respective font folders or even the common folder in the original stuff that came from 89 Sabers. Grab any sound from the existing stuff and go. If you lost it somehow when flashing the SD card you can ask 89 Sabers for a copy of the contents from your original purchase.

Now say for example you wanna do like I did once and use a music track from an album, you can. Just be sure to check it won’t exceed the speaker’s capabilities. First convert it to a wav file, mono (single channel), and 44100khz. Then if you need to reduce the volume or fix any clipping you need to edit it. Audacity is great for this.

Thank you Revo, I think I found the exact boot font in the SD card called DV3, and each font file has its own boot sound, Do I need to change the config file to make it work?

Just do a search on the SD card for “boot”.
They are found in your font folders. Each font can have it’s own boot.wav (or multiple) or you can set up a common folder and if the font you use has not boot, it will play it from there.
And yes, any sound you name boot.wav will work as long as it’s formatted correctly.
16bit 44.1kHz (44100Hz) monaural PCM WAV file is the suggested format.

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Thank you NoSloppy, The explanation is very clear, I think I got it. :laughing: ,

  • /common/tracks/
  • /common/boot/

@icewaterberg All good. I was in your shoes a ways back and @NoSloppy and @Fett263 were there (and still are) to answer and help so I’m happy to try to pay it forwards.

Let us know when ya get it working or have anything else to ask.

I appreciate everyone’s help. :flashlight: :love_you_gesture:

Well in the tracks folder doesn’t make sense. It won’t get played from there. Unless you set the tracks folder as your font for a preset which wouldn’t be a thing.

I know I went through a learning curve to port everything over for compatibility w my S3’s so I could then help people out. I kinda wanna see how 89 Sabers sets their basic SD up now, just to have the view and be able to answer more directly.

I wonder if they’d/he’d let me have a copy. Are they active in The Crucible?

within ProffieOS6 & 7 Edit Mode, it must have /common/tracks/, create a /boot/ file in the common folder won’t work properly?

I could give you a copy of the default config file of 89 Sabers. I don’t think it’s the latest one, since they released some new hilt in 2023, and I don’t know if they are active in the crucible…

Where do you want me to send it?

As to where they put the boot file that you’re looking for that usually rests in the respective font folder itself, unless it’s for a different thing. I’d have to see what you’re dealing with.

Contact 89 Sabers or Korbanth and get permission first or invite them here. I don’t want to step on their toes.