Is it worth compiling a list of soundfonts that fully support features from OS releases?

For example, the clash strength in OS6.

As far as I’m aware, the only retail fonts that support OS6 completely are the @Ronin_Sabers ones?

I’m not aware of any font makers that organize their clashes and swings in strength order.
It’s not a blanketed OS6 compliance anyway per se, only a fett263 prop file feature.

The Ronin ones do, according to his font videos.

I get it’s not a compliance issue, but there’s definitely a market for it and it’d be good if makers updated their fonts with official support.

Correct, however setting fonts up to support it won’t change how they run on any other props, random is random whether you choose from a random list or an organized list.
That being said it’s easy enough for users to reorganize if they want, I’ve done all my fonts, but if font makers were to support it would make it easier for users without changing anything for those who don’t enable the feature.

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100% I just wanted to dissuade any misreadings that some fonts do not work on OS6.

Is my title not clear on that? How would you word it?

It’s clear.

This has been on my mind too since I don’t really enjoy picking and organizing the sound files. Maybe a community project that gives a map for relabeling? Example:

Accent Swing Original Order/Acceleration Order
Clash Original Order/Real Clash Order

I feel like I’m asking someone else to do my homework but somebody might enjoy the process and the appreciation from us.