Is it possible to wire an illuminated switch to light while pressed?

This option was included in the manufacturer’s documentation for the switch and I thought it would be a great idea to have a button that lit only while being pressed.

Does the board output enough voltage and would this interfere with its working as a switch?

The board uses a 40k pull-up resistor on the button pad. You won’t get enough current for the LED to be visible from that.

Well shoot. Honoured by a reply by the man himself though.

Is there a way to replicate that functionality in software?

Absolutely, many ways in fact… :slight_smile:

They all require a little bit of coding, but perhaps the easiest is to create a custom style, like:

template<int pin>
class ReadPinSVF {
  void run(BladeBase* blade) {}
  int calculate(BladeBase* blade) {
    return digitalRead(pin) == HIGH ? 32768 : 0;

template<int pin>
using ReadPinF = SingleValueAdapter<ReadPinSVF<pin>>;

(You can put this in the new CONFIG_STYLES section.)

Then you can write the style for your LED like this:

  StylePtr<Mix<ReadPinSVF<powerButtonPin>, White, Black>>()