Is it possible to make a shorter blade with a neopixel? Making a saber for my daughter

Wondering if there was some way to shorten the length of the neopixel strips in the config files. And what would happen if I just snipped it?

Yes and yes.
You can cut neopixel strips to whatever length you choose, and you can update the config file in ProffieOS to match. (It will work even if you don’t, but tip effects, like drag and stab gets lost.)

If you have blade ID resistors in your blades, you can even make your proffieboards automatically detect which blade it is and adjust accordingly.
(It can’t read the length of the blade, but it can read the resistor in the blade if you have one.) If the blades use different types of LEDs, it may even be able to tell them apart without a resistor.

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