Is it possible to add volume controls to my proffieboard

Hi, I have a Sabertrio proffie saber, I have added sound fonts and blade styles so now how to use arduino etc.

It would be cool to be able to have a volume control option so you can change the volume on the fly, is there something I can add to the config or prop files so this can be done?

P.s I am a software engineer by trade so I’m happy to get technical, don’t know much about proffie OS at the moment though.

Thank you for any help.

Are you sure it doesn’t already? Seems weird they’d omit that which is a fundamental on both one and two button setups.

Anyone else want to post the prop to pastebin?

I have tried a few methods that I have seen but they haven’t worked. I’ll have to have a look at the files again see if it has one

Generally, the easiest way to add volume controls is to pick a prop file that has them. Otherwise you’re in “create my own prop file” territory, which isn’t hard if you’re a software engineer, but perhaps not the best place to start.

If your config file isn’t explicitly picking a prop file, it will be using the saber.h prop file, which doesn’t have volume controls builtin.

For more information about how to select a prop file, see the wiki page:

If you need more help, post your config file so we can see what prop you’re using right now. Also, please let us know what version of ProffieOS you’re using.