Is 26awg wire sufficient to power just the board?

I’m running out of room, and looking for alternatives. My NPXL connector is already wired appropriately, but now I need to get power to the board itself and 26AWG just barely fits through the tunnel I have available.

While the consensus seems to be “22awg all the powers”, is that really necessary for the Proffie board itself?


Nope. Just large gauge for battery to main blade. Positive to the board 26 is perfect, 28 could prob be just fine too.

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The negative side should still be 22awg or better though.
If you’re not using it already, consider using PTFE/teflon-coated wires. The PTFE isolation is much thinner than regular plastic or silicone coating, which makes the wires take less space.

While hard to find, if you can find wires that are rated for 250V instead of the more common 600V, they will an even thinner PTFE layer.


Shiny, thanks guys.