Inconsistent Colour Mixing...?

This isn’t really a Proffie question as such, but the cleverest people frequent this forum so I’ll ask it here…

Any idea what can cause inconsistent LED colour mixing, like this (see pics)?

Primary colours seem fine, but when it starts mixing, things go a little awry.

The LEDs are both the same type (came as part of a kit) wired together as a single blade.

I’m thinking it might literally be a refraction thing, as one crystal is larger and longer than the other. Also the way the LEDS fit, one is right next to the crystal but the other one has a slight gap between it and its crystal.

Not really a big thing, especially as it’s a Vader hilt and full reds are the order of the day for this one. But I guess I’d just like to understand it properly. Every day’s a school day in Saberland! LOL!

Screenshot 2023-12-13 at 21.17.52
Screenshot 2023-12-13 at 21.18.08

I would assume variances in the LEDs themselves.

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I’m thinking that it might be the angle of the leds that is different.
Neopixels are made up up of red, green and blue leds after all, and if you place a piece of glass in front of it, you might end up directing all the red light towards the back of the chamber, while all the green light goes to the front.

If I’m right, you could potentially fix it by adding some diffusion. Like, maybe a small piece of paper, plastic, or maybe glass beads or something?

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Yeh I’m with you Prof. I dare say neither LED is absolutely square on to its crystal. Unfortunately this one is going to be a bit of a mission to open up and look at, so I’ll probably leave it, but I think the lesson is to try wherever possible to fit accent pixels hard up against the face of 3D printed crystals so they are completely flat and square.

I must admit, with many of my own chassis designs, I build in a port in the crystal itself for a 5mm pixel through-hole LED - that makes sure everything is always square on.

Screenshot 2023-12-14 at 08.33.02

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