Incompleteness of the Blaster.h Prop

As many others like @Baldusi, @NoSloppy and the Professor have already noted, the Blaster.h prop does not perform all functions. Baldusi’s testbench highlighted the errors.

I still need functions for my project that are not yet defined in Blaster.h. In the topic Blaster_Baldusi it seems that Baldusi has already defined (or planned) missing functions but his how_to does not state his new functions. Since I’m a newbie and have hardly any coding experience, I would like to ask whether the prop file Blaster.h found in GitHub will be completed in the future and if not , if someone can help me edit the existing file so that I can implement the following function:


NoSloppy has offered some solutions to that issue but it was too cryptic for me to understand the sophisticated code.

Thank you!

What functions are missing?

I have no idea what you mean by “completed”.

This would be a define, not a function.
Not sure what this define would do though.
Maybe you mean this define?


In general, this seems like it is continuing some discussion from somewhere esle. Please link or summarize that discussion, as it is difficult to make sense of this post without that context.

I’ve had health problems plus some technical issues that prevented me from completing my prop. Regrettably, I’m now trying to keep up with IRL work, so I will not be able to touch the code for at least a few extra months. But you can PM for whatever question you have regarding it.

blaster prop is a work in progress at the moment for me. Although I dabbled recently, and still have an open file on my desktop, and an open tab to an open PR.