Include the "common" file but still can't hear the menu sound

I added the ProffieOS voice pack as the common folder into my SD card but I still can’t hear anything. I downloaded from this website:
I’m new to proffie board and neopixel lightsaber, can someone help me out?

Your presets need to have the common folder in the font search path, such as

{ "LukeESB;common", ............

If that’s the case, what are you doing and expecting to hear them?
Primarily, the voicepacks are designed to drive the Edit Mode menu from Fett263’s prop file.

Thank you, but I just want the menu sound and I can’t hear them at all.
For example, when I enter volume control, by twisting the saber I can adjust the volume, the functionality works just I can’t hear any voice feedback.

Right, but is your preset using it like I showed above?
Post your config file.

StarkConfig.h (8.2 KB)
Here it is!

Right. See your presets font path is just your font folder, doesn’t include common.
You have { "OBIWAN",.....
You need { "OBIWAN;common",.....

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That works! Thank you and may the Force be with you!