Improving saber sound

it’s been a long time in the making but here is a guide to help understand and improve the sound we get from our sabers.

this ended up being a collaboration with @mcarcher and i have to thank him for all the work he has put in to it.

any feed back is welcome, good or bad as we will be continually trying to improve this section of saber building.
we are also working on other stuff to do with sound so keep an eye out on some of the other threads.

further research has been made into improving the sound while reducing the space required to do so. (as space can be limited)
this involved the use of a Passive RadiatorPR” (a slave speaker diaphragm that uses the energy from the working speaker to enhance the lower frequencies) in an attempt to reduce the size requirements of the resonance chamber.
while multiple tests were done non of them produced results good enough that would beat a well tuned resonance chamber.
my assumption into this would be that the small speakers we use just don’t excite the “PR” enough to make a difference.

so the best way is still to have a tuned and sealed resonance chamber. (if space allows)

citation needed

Could you link to this research?

apologies for the later response, i may have gotten a little distracted.

as to links to the research for this, the theory was taken from “home audio” research and then applied to what we use. (in the hope it would work)
unfortunately i have since deleted the recordings and my notes recycled so i have nothing to back what i have found with this particular area. (passive radiators)
from what i can remember, the sound produced heightened the midrange rather well.
this in turn though had a negative effect on the lower end frequencies and i think just drowned them out.

the goal was to get a nice rounded / balanced and more defined sound from a smaller set up.
but what i ended up creating was quite the opposite.
i tried many different types of set up but i think that our small speakers just didn’t have the necessary energy involved to make it work the way i hoped it would.
needless to say i did not pursue this any further.

i’m sure that we could still get some gains with getting better sound from our speakers but i don’t think that Passive radiators will work with what we use currently.
i could be wrong as i most likely missed something while testing this theory.

i think if a real sound engineer (as I’m definitely not) had a play with this area, we might see some additional improvement.