Image uploads

This thread is for discussion and testing regarding image uploads.
The board is supposed to resize images automatically.
That ain’t happning right now for some reason.

This thread describes how it should work: Image upload size/resize question - #3 by torsi - support - Discourse Meta

Weird, now all images seems to be “too big”.

No… very small images seems to work, what the…



I think I figured it out…

It still fails for really large images for some reason. But this was 3+Mb so it definitely works better now.

Apparently, a combination of slow image processing and a time limit of 60 seconds is what is now causing very large pictures to fail.

The server that runs all this is not overly powerful, and discourse uses imagemagick to do the image processing, and it is painfully slow.

I’m totally fine using links if they expand. Something similar to the Bbcode img tag. Does that work?

It’s not bbcode, but there is something like it.
Doesn’t seem like it’s required though.
You can click the image button and upload an image or use a link to something on the web.
You an also drag-n-drop images or just paste links directly into the edit box.

I’m pretty sure reasonably sized images (up to maybe 5Mb or so) works now.
However, I want my sony A7RII pictures to work directly from the camera. They are 40 megapixels and 10-15Mb each, which is causing the forum to time out…

Testing 4032x2268 image drag and drop

edit Looks like it got uploaded fine at 2016x1134.

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test Google Drive direct link to vid:


youtube link test