If anybody is wondering where I've been the last few days


Nice! It’s big news here but early release in console can be dodgy and literally give headaches from frame rate issues, etc.

First impressions?

Surprisingly for a Bethesda game I’ve not had any game breaking bugs so far in almost 30 hours of game time (on pc). Worst I’ve seen was a mission giver floating a few meters off the ground but I was able to jump on something to talk to him.

Really enjoying it so far.

While there are some rough spots in places, overall starfield is a fantastic game so far.
I haven’t been so sucked in by a game since my NannyMUD days.

I’m firmly in the Patient Gamers corner, so will wait for 12 months or so to grab it. I’m also worried it will struggle on my PC (1660 Super and Ryzen 5 1600). I’m still waiting on a decent sale with Jedi Survivor!

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IJLTH. Someone needs to get the ship. Obviously it’s not 100% visually correct due to copyright limitations but still…
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