IE32 vs STM32

So i have a few proffieboards and 1 of them has this ie32l433ccu6 chip instead of a stm32l433ccu6. Im trying to figure out what that chip can be used for. Right now the ie32 doesnt connect to my computer.

Chip all my other boards have

It would seem to be a knockoff chip made by DB Unlimited.

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from a chinese saber? Pach store? LGT? Do you know where the board came from?

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Its marked darkwolf. But i was told it came out of a alibaba saber.

Darkwolf redistributes Chinese manefactured sabers in the USA. The chip may well bea Chinese copy of the original chip, almost tge same, but not quite? Perhaps tgats the difference. If they modified the proffie pcb, perhaps they hosed something that Proffie needed to interact with your computer? I think were better off sourcing proffieboards from The Saber Armory and Electronics 1,2,3. Some of the boards coming from china lacked a usb port as well.

Ive never had an issue with darkwolf, vire, crimson, lgt sabers. This was the only one. N it was one with no usb port on it.