Idea of the day: Programmable Indicator LED on v3.9

Once upon a time we figured out the Trinket M0 dotstar (indicator LED) could be programmed to show different LED functions during normal and active board use. You could keep the Red and Green indicators as well as change it to say a slow breathing (insert color here) pulse or even a solid color.

Which brings up the question, is this idea possible? Where it’s just one more cool thing to have going on visually?

I like the green going on and would love to see if I could color match to the active blade preset being displayed.

Nothing fancy, just a color change option.
*We may or may not want to restrict red so it’s not interpreted as a fault indication?

The status LED on the V3 is a plain LED, so it cannot change color.

To control it like a blade, read this:


This leads into the next question. Can board makers or users simply change the single green LED to a RGB option or is there something preventing it? As-in is it a simple swap or is there something in the main code that would need to happen to make it into a multi-color thing?

*Not that there’s anything wrong with green since my cosplay/bound blade’s green.

They could make it a different color, but not an RGB. There aren’t enough pins/wires available for that.