Idea Of The Day: Mobile Charging Using Exchangable Fuel Rods

While picking up a set of Fuel Rods for our upcoming trip to Walt Disney World I realized I can do mobile charging and not necessarily need to go back to the hotel for swaps.

The charger is a KeepPower Model C2 and first thing tomorrow I’m going to test how far it will charge up a pair of 18650’s. Pictures for reference, NEVER leave a system in a flammable surface such as a blanket.

I quite like this thing:

It can be used to charge batteries or as a bank to charge other things.

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That’s likely what I’ll end up with given my main charger is an XTAR. The Fuel Rod only has 2600mAh so I’m not sure it’ll even push enough juice to take an 18650 to peak. Ultimately my reason is I just don’t like having to carry 4 batteries on stuff like Star Wars Night and being able exchange FuelRods in park does show potential. (Insert side project for a Proto-Saber using FuelRods here.)

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I’ve tried it before (Disneyland side). At most, I could get 50-65% filled for just one battery but taking about 2-3 hours with the fuelrods (which are highly variable in capacity considering how many times they get used, charged, recycled). Instead I went with a 15000mah thick power bank. Gives me enough and can recharge within the time it takes me to wait for fireworks. But then I just ended up carrying different batteries and using the power bank for the 1 saber I have which is recharge port only.

Update. So even considering using the Fuel Rods in series (which honestly is an iffy thing but I did so in a safe area) I couldn’t get the 18650 to charge. It boils down to the mAh and overall that the pieces were designed for. Sure they have reasonable voltage but they lack the ability to push that much of a charge. They’re definitely good for cell phones and other smaller powered devices but not for our purposes. *Even trying to top off an 18650 the rod case got hot so either way this is a no-go. Side note, I now can easily recharge my ForceBand. :sunglasses:

@profezzorn Thanks again for that lead. I’ll be following up on it. You’re free to lock the topic down since at this point it’s a closed idea.