Iam building a saber and I want to add a crystal chamber

I have done two other builds with the neopixle emitter that lights up as well as the blade. I understand how the wireing says to do it for the crystal chamber. I also see that there is a way to create my single pixle on the Fett623 website. How would I add that on my configure file. I dont want it to just work when the blade is one. I want it to pule also when off. Here is my configure. If you have any info how to get this going. Pastebin.com - Locked Paste

Crystal Chambers just like any other blade.
To add it in addition to your already existing 2 blade setup (main and emitter PCB), you would

  • add one to NUM_BLADES
  • add a blade style for it to each preset
  • add a blade description for it in the BladeConfig

Making it pulse when off is simply changing the “color when off” in the blade style.
Look at it in the style editor. Scroll down to the InOutTr layer on the right side swap the default Black for Pulsing (that’s in the styles tab)

Have you tried the configuration generator?
It’s fairly easy to see how it what it changes in the config file when you change the setup:


Ok I’ll look into it. Thanks!

Ok well bolth sound great. I got sometime with the configurator. Question I want it filled out correctly so I am asking. So I want the 5 led neopixle that the blade PCB touches to light up whenever the blade does also I am going to have one neopixle for a crystal chamber. So as I fill this out.

   WS2811/Neopixle.        144 
This counts for my neopixles only in the blade.
 So the next line I should put illuminated PCB that has 5 pixels on it.
 Next Neopixle crystal chamber or accents 1.
   If that's correct. Then I select RGBW?

Ok I am starting to see on my config what your talking about. All I got to do for my Blade config is add one more :
On another line for my added Crystal led. Also add one more blade. The one before that is my LEDs on my neopixle pogo pin PCB.

Config - Pastebin.com

Here’s what I got for my configure file. Its blade, neopixle led and 1 led crystal chamber. I used Fett 263 crystal chamber builder. How does it look?