I want to build a teensy based proton pack using proffie OS

I want to see if there is a way to do a Proton pack using like a teensy and shield of some sort.

I can’t just use a proffie board, because the pack has 3 on-off switches and 2 momentary. also it doesn’t need smooth swing. and I need to drive a HT16K33 led matrix diver. for the wand bar graph. That or an oled. and it doesnt need smooth swing at least for now. and with the pack there is some much room for activities. Like adding in a rumble motor and a smoke system. future stuffs.

There is this one but I feel like its missing a lot of function and ability to customize and add in new fonts and functions.

This would also bring in a whole new fandom to proffie OS.

Also I am lacking the knowledge where to even start.

well I must say, we don’t often get idea’s like this spring up here very often.
I could not tell you if it doable or not but I’m sure @profezzorn or @NoSloppy might be able to help you or direct you somewhere.
good luck with your adventure!

If I ask nosloppy may help with fine tuning. But I wonder if @Fett263 would help with cyclotron Blade settlings and bar graphs setting.

looks like you’ve been looking into this a bit :grin:

As someone who has (believe it or not ) NEVER seen a Ghostbusters film, I can’t say that I “get” what it’s supposed to be doing, but can help somewhat on the tech end maybe?

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I can do normal proffie stuff for lightsabers. but designing a new profile and a whole new style of prop is a bit beyond my abilities at the moment.

but it was a huge part of my childhood…
almost considered a right of passage for our generation…

I wasn’t allowed to see “occult” stuff. No Mary Poppins, no Witches of Eastwick, no Temple of Doom, No Ghostbusters. Meanwhile, NOW my mother is ike the hugest Harry Potter fan ever… smh

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DUDE, i feel for you!
still, might give you something other than being on here to do.
so no “highlander?” , "“flash Gordon?” “Crull?”

lol nope. No Dune either. - many not because restirctions, some just “never got to” seeing. I did see Flash Gordon. In the theater.

@LadyTea post up how your project goes as i would like to see how you get on with this one :+1:

You need to see mary poppins and ghostbusters at the very least. They are fun films that are classics. Witch of eastwick is something that you can pass on. as far as fuction. here is a few videos on what type of effects you need.

I am sure most of the effects are covered by current effects. minus may be a on off sequence for the ring instead of a spin up on the cyclotron aka the 4 big red light on the bottom half of the pack.

And there is a video game that introduced new “functions and sounds”. So they make great sound fonts.

and @NoSloppy please do yourself a favor and watch those movies. Its like not seeing indiana jones or blade runner or star wars.

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There are several options in the Accent/PCB section of the OS5 library that you can use

Try Turbine and Rising Bar Graph and adjust as needed.

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None of these are reasons for not using a proffieboard.
Any of the data pads and the RX/TX pads can be used as buttons if you wish, so hooking up 5 buttons is not a problem. Smoothswing is a software feature, so if you hook up a teensy, you still get smoothswing if you use a smoothswing font and a prop that doesn’t turn off motion events.

Drving an HT16K33 shouldn’t be too hard, but does require a little programming to avoid slowing down other things. The proffieboard i2c implementation is now entirely interrupt driven which means means that it can utilize the i2c bus very well without having the CPU wait for it. I could help with that though. Although I do have to wonder: Wouldn’t a bunch of neopixels be easier?

Anyways, using a teensy is also perfectly reasonable, and in a proton pack you have plenty of room, so you could use a sound shield with an external amplifier if you want to get some real oomph out of it.

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The HH16k33 will drive a 28 segment bargraph in the wand. Its 30mm long. It could be handled by an oled. 128x32 or 128x 64

I wanted to avoid an actual proffie board. As they are pricy and difficult to find. unless you think it would be doable to source everything minus the motion sensors.

Based on these videos, I see no LED effects that couldn’t be done, and in conjunction with a blaster-based prop, pretty sure it’s doable.
You might have a ton of SubBlades, but that’s fine considering you won’t likely need many presets.

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Screen Shot 2021-12-18 at 6.09.38 PM
The Blue meter could have this:

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These are good reasons for not using a proffieboard. The ones at the top are not. :slight_smile:

The oled is probably easier since ProffieOS already has support for it. It will probably still require a little hackery to make it display what you want though. ProffieOS 6 has some support for customizing the contents of the oled, but it’s far from complete.

I think the oled is also the cooler option as it can display animations, text and other stuff.

This could be a beginning for the Red 4 windows, LEDs arranged in a circular setup: