I wanna light up my bike!

I have recently found my midlife crisis. Thankfully, it’s sabers and not corvettes. I’ve since inherited a 2011 Harley CVO Softail. I thought I’d toss the idea out there about building NPXL frame lighting with a Profile control board. I’d appreciate any feedback about how to and such.

  1. What’s needed for direct power from the battery.
  2. Ideas for shrouding the pixel strips that isn’t as bulky as the poly blades.
  3. Will vibration be an issue?

Feel free to chime in. Thanks

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I would probably use a Teensy instead of a proffieboard if all you need is light control.
You can still run ProffieOS.

I would probably use 12v neopixel strips. They include voltage regulators, which should make things simpler, because you should be able to power the LEDs directly from the bike’s 12v battery. You’ll still need 5v to power the proffie/teensy, something like this can help with that:

There are a couple of options for waterproof neopixel strips. If you use one of those, you just need to figure out a surface to attach it to, no need for polycarbonate tubes.

Vibration will not be an issue.

Thanks. I was actually thinking of going whole hog. Wire the board into the speakers and all. Maybe a simple audio out cable if I can figure out the solicitation With the paint job I think the Godzilla and Thor fonts with their blade profiles would look sick.

I haven’t done too much research into the strips yet. The diffusion is the one characteristic I’m mostly unsure of. Keeping the seamless light flow like my saber blades and all.

That solicitation should have been amplification.

Diffusion and “not bulky” do not play well together unfortunately.
I did some googling, and it seems that what a lot of people do is that they mount their LED lights inside, or under things, so that the light is mostly directed towards the ground, or parts of the motorcycle rather than directly outwards, and this indirect lighting is diffuse enough that you can’t see the individual LEDs.

Yeah. I’ve seen the same. I figured I’d have to build from scratch. Not too much of a problem. I’m sure I can’t get the same smooth look as film, pad and opaque poly, but I’ve got time and access to aircraft supplies. I may even go so far as resin casting the parts the mate where I’m mounting.

Like I said, planning stages right now. I really appreciate the feedback.

I’d love to see pictures of the plan, work, progress and final results! :slight_smile:

Once I do some experimenting with the light bar materials and find something workable I’ll post back. At that point I’ll be doing the board work and figuring out the power runs. Something I can remove but easily mount to the handle bars with easy access to the buttons.

Now that I’m talking about it I really wish these wild hairs wouldn’t crawl so far up my butt and weren’t so damn convincing. This is gonna look so much cooler than a plain old light bar.

Search for 12v COB LEDs. they typically come with a diffuser coating that doubles as waterproofing.

Just make sure they are addressable.
There are a lot of similar light strips that are either RGB or single color.

Would be funny to hear it loaded with a regular saber profile