I have to press boot and reset every time I plug in the board

Every time I plug in my proffieboard v2.2 it shows up as CDC Data. Then I do the boot reset thing and it shows up STM32 bootloader.

At this point I can upload my config but the board doesn’t show up in port and I can’t access the serial monitor. I get the error “Board at COM3 not available”

This used to work without issue, but after a few months of not messing with it I’m having this issue.

I have it set up with a USB C port for charging and data, but it has the same issue when plugging into the micro USB port. I’m using windows 11.

Thanks for any help.

Did you try deleting the driver for CDC data and let Windows reinstall when you connect the board as a Proffieboard? (not in bootloader mode)

I tried deleting the device in device manager and it always comes back the same. Is that the same thing?

I think I figured it out.

In device manager I uninstalled the device under port (I don’t remember what it was called but it wasn’t what it was supposed to be “USB Serial Device (COM3)”) and CDC Data. Then replugged in the board and it showed up correctly as “USB Serial Device (COM3)” and showed up under port in arduino. It still shows up as CDC Data in device manager but I don’t see a problem with that as long as it’s working.

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