I developed a SmoothSwing sound board using ESP32

This is a personal project I am working on over the weekend. The goal is to create a complete, smooth-swing lightsaber operating system using cost-effective microcontrollers such as Arduino, ESP8266, and ESP32, as well as other electronic modules like I2S DAC and MPU6050 to replicate the features of an expensive sound card. I have never purchased a lightsaber before, so I am uncertain whether my design will fit into a commercial saber hilt. However, that is not a concern for me as I do not intend to purchase them. I will only design and manufacture hilts myself.

Regarding the circuitry, I haven’t had the chance to finish the PCB yet. Of course, the size of the PCB is smaller than the current circuit board.

This “sound card” will not only be used in the lightsaber project, but it will also be used in other projects.

The diameter of the internal core is 28mm.


Cool :slight_smile:
Have you had any problems with I2S?
I’ve spent some time trying to port ProffieOS to ESP32-S3, but ran into problems with file system speed and I2S frequencies over 16000Hz.

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Nice :wink:
I am trying to build something like that myself. I have build a custom board for LED Pixel Pois based on a ESP32-D4 and I am trying to build a lightsaber with it.
Is your code somewhere public? I would love to try it out!