I can change colors in color wheel mode but not change effects

I can change colors in color wheel mode but not change effects. I have a luke saber from saberspro and they’re documentation isn’t helpful. proffie 2.2

I saw a video that says to hold aux and twist clockwise but the saber just turns off.

Post your config do we can see.

Where do i find that? Very new to this. am hooking up the sd card to pull the file just need to know where.

Your installer should have provided a copy on your SD, if not reach out them. In order to know what is loaded on your board we’ll need the config.

rffrf.pdf (24.8 KB)
that is the folder the provided me. is the config in there?

config.pdf (60.0 KB)
belive i found it.

That’s not the config. Not sure what that is. I’d reach out to them. It should be a .h file. It contains everything uploaded to your board, without it there’s no way for us to know what your board is running.

You can read through this page to understand how Proffieboard works, etc.

okay thanks for the help. will report back when they get back to me

Sounds good.

It looks like a screenshot of the directory.
If you did the screenshot, you have found the ProffieOS folder, which has everything you need in it.
If you didn’t do the screenshot, and rffrf.pdf was literally on your sdcard, then you have screenshot of what should be on your sd card, which would be unhelpful.

On a related note, please note that screenshots are not allowed on this forum IF you can use text instead. I’m not sure if there is an easy way to cut-n-paste the contents of a directory in windows though. (Obvously, you can open up CMD.EXE run DIR F: or something and then paste that, but that’s not entirely easy for most users.)

Yes that screenshot is of the files on my sd card. I’m not sure what I’m looking for beyond that.

It would be a .h file, something like “myconfig.h”, etc.

See Step 1 on this page.

Yes the file name was proffieboardconfig.h

Ok, open that file in a text editor like Sublime Text or notepad and copy the contents and paste here.

I will double check but that is what I sent you before. On my way home will check again

thats the file i think ur talking about. lmk if the link don’t work I’m new to pastbin

filename is proffieboard_v2_config.h

That is the “base” config for the v2 board. Your specific saber will have it’s own config, it should be something like “mysaber_config.h” or “myconfig.h” or “sabername_config.h”. If you’re not able to find I would definitely get clarification from your installer on the exact filename and where they stored it.
It should look something like this:

okay still searching… this is what pops up when i plug in my saber too.
os.pdf (106.2 KB)