Humstart and out.wav

How do I get the hum to start immediately after the out.wav so I can loop music that begins in the out.wav? I’ve got an out.wav that’s 7.948 s long, and I’ve tried humstart values of 0, 1, 01, 7948, and even -7948 (big NOPE), all to no avail. I understand (I think) that the value indicates how far from then end of the out.wav the hum starts to fade in, but I can’t make it do what I want, which is to butt up together. Is that even possible? Is maybe 100 the lowest value it’ll accept?

humstart won’t do what you want.
In fact, I’m not sure there is a way to do exactly what you want.
It is possible to use poweron and pwroff effects instead of in and out. ProffieOS will then use monophonic transitions between poweron and hum, which will be seamless. However, the transition between hum and pwroff will also be monophonic, which is probably not what you want, because that will cut off the music when you retract the blade.

I can see a couple of ways to make this work though:

  1. make it so that if humStart is 0, the transition between out and hum is gapless. Normally there is a fade-in on the hum, though, so it would be a little weird to special-case the zero value.
  2. make it so that you can use poweron instead of out to get a gapless start, but have it so that you can still use in for retraction.
  3. Add a bgnhum sound effect, which if present is used instead of the first hum loop.
  4. Make it so that the track player can be triggered by ignition, and the music wouldn’t need to be mixed in with the hum at all.

Also, fett263 just checked something into ProffieOS 7.x which could maybe help. It allows the style to trigger a loop of sounds. (Which could be used for a sound track, or for background effects, like rain or wind.)

The “Special Abilities” in my prop coming for OS7 will allow users to set up an ignition with a Track (or sound loop, quote or other effect) too.

I fudged and added 7.948 to the hum with the music fading in so that it matched up like I wanted. Not perfect, but close enough to what I was trying to achieve, esp for this hodgepodge Xmas font.

So, from my understanding, the hum starts playing as soon as the out.wav, but fades in according to the value you use for humstart? Am I wrong in thinking that “humfade” would be a more accurate descriptor?

And I had no idea you could do a bgnhum. I’m gonna rework it to incorporate that, just to compare the two versions. The possibilities with that alone are intriguing.

Thank you for the input (and for proffie in general—I could write an ode, I promise). OS7 looks to be mind-bogglingly full of goodies. Can’t wait!

Good lord. My mind reels with the possibilities. One ignition to trigger a voice track, one for ambience, one for music, etc ad infinitum (well, eight at least)?

I’m gonna need more time in my day.

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Pretty sure this was just an “idea” for possible solution there’s no current support for bgnhum. :wink:

Definitely, there’s virtually unlimited possibilities for combining effects AND each preset can be completely unique since these are controlled by the style itself.

Daaaaammmmmnnn. I see I misread that now. Oh well, maybe in OS8.

I’m never gonna stop thanking you guys for giving me such a cool hobby, so…thank you.


The “capability” is already available in OS7 via Transition Sounds (albeit slightly different implementation), it just wouldn’t be called bgnhum :wink:
Transition Sounds are generic sounds that can be added to any effect or animation so they can be anything you want used for any purpose, so you’d just create a tr sound and then call it in the style for ignition. We’re still building out the final pieces but once OS7 rolls out there will be a lot more explanation coming.

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Bingo! Santa IS real!

No. The hum starts when humstarts specifies. (at zero volume) The fade-in is currently set to 0.2 seconds.

You can’t, but it could be added. (Which is the case of all the solutions/ideas that I listed.)

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Understood, and thank you again.