How to use SD Power pad to turn off an LED?

Hey there - hoping to find some documentation that might clue me in as to how to shut off power to the SD Power pad when the saber hits the IDLE_OFF_TIME so that I can shut off the LED on my button at the same time. I’m using an LGT USB-C power button with a Proffie V3 board and hoping that this is a thing.

Thanks so much.

SD power control is not implemented.
Theoretically not that hard to do, but I’ve had problems with it.
(It tends to take more power than if I don’t do it…)

Bummer. Is there currently a way to have a “Power LED” that will shut off when the board goes into low power mode? I’m building in an LGT hilt and don’t currently have a spot or plan for a kill switch (nor the tools needed to machine an opening for one…)

The recommended way would be adding an additional blade to the config and have a style for it that’s just on (until IDLE_OFF_TIME expires.
Without adding a whole additional blade to the config and taking up some memory just for your power LED), in theory, you could just tap off an already assigned LED pad for a blade that goes to sleep?
Those FETS are just on or off with no current regulation because pixels use data for that instead.
With battery (+) and a controlled LED pad (-) it should do what you want.
This is assuming it’s a basic simple single color , regular ol’ LED.

Hoping to have an LED that stays lit when the board is running even when the blade itself isn’t lit so that I know that I’ve forgotten to unplug the battery :smiley:

Just power it from the battery directly then?

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Hah, yeah, I suppose so. I guess the hope was that the “low power mode” would work at some point and it could be tied to that so that you’d know when the saber went into deep sleep. I guess I just need to figure out where to hide a switch - unscrewing the hilt to remove the battery is more of a pain than I’d like.

Well, you could just power it from the SD_VDD pad. If/when I implement a lower power mode which actually turns off SD_VDD, then the led will actually turn off.