How to shorten the Config file

When I upload my config file ardiuno says that i used 95% of the space
but I only have 18 Saberfonts on there

is there any way to shorten that number? I want to add some more

maybe there is the possibility to put two fonts together? I have 3 fonts that are nearly identical except the colors

“space” is not very well defined, as there are 3 different types of “space” on a proffieboard:

  1. sd card space
  2. flash memory space
  3. RAM space

In your case you’re talking about flash memory space.
I wrote a wiki page about how to save flash memory space, so let’s start there:

Please note that fonts take little or no flash memory. Blade styles use up flash memory, not fonts.

That’s what I am looking for thx

does the //Text affect memory ?

// indicates a comment follows.
Comments take no additional memory as they are are ignored by the compiler.
Same goes for line returns and spaces.

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