How to pevent clash on ignition?

OK, I admit I’m getting picky now, but I’ll ask the question on the off chance the answer is simple…

I’ve noticed on some hilts that the button action is mechanically strong enough, or the ignition effect is sufficiently resonant or bassy, to initiate a clash while the blade is still igniting.

Obviously volume or chassis securing can help, but my question is, how easy is it to add a line, presumably to the prop, to tell the board not to run any effect until the ignition effect has completed? Or maybe do it as a time thing, so tell it no effect, other than the ignition effect, for, say, 1.2 seconds after button actuation.

As I say it’s not a biggie, but I’d be curious to know how easily do-able this is.
Thanks as always.

Most likely, your CLASH_THRESHOLD_G is set too low.

The prop already ignores clashes/stabs for 300 ms after ignition.
If you want to change it, you can do so here:

There is also a line that makes it ignore clashes for 50ms after any button click:

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Thanks so much Prof. I should have known you’d be all over this! :smiley:

Any chance @Fett263’s Prop includes this?

prop_base applies to all prop files, so yes.

Great point, thanks. With that said, any idea how do I sometimes get clashes on ignition then?

Would need a bunch of info, start in this thread:

You can also hook up to Serial Monitor to see “when” clash triggers. It might give a clue. Most likely cause is speaker vibrations from out.wav. If adjusting CLASH_THRESHOLD_G and VOLUME don’t work, look to above thread.