How to make a Blade-Style for a 6-Segment Blade

Hi Everybody,
I’m working on my 6-segment LED-String Saber and wanted to import a Style from frederic´s style-editor to my proffieboard. It kinda works but not very well. The effect looks different.
Is it possible to translate the style-code to match with the segmented string blade?
Is there any point in the code or in some of the many many “auxilary files” which I have to adjust?

Thank you a lot.
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Depends entirely on the animation/effect you’re trying to accomplish. Technically the OS adjusts styles to the number of pixels your blade has per the BladeConfig section but if you’re trying to get some specific animation or movement it may require a different approach.

Thank you for your fast answer.
I’m trying to get this effect to my segmented blade:

Style Editor<HumpFlicker<Rgb16<192%2C192%2C192>%2CWhite%2C50>%2CWhite%2C200%2C500>

That’s not a complete style, probably easier if you explain what you’re trying to do and what’s not working. If you only have 6 pixels you have a limited area for animations intended for 100+ pixels, each pixel can only show one thing at a time.

So there are two issues here:

  1. Many styles will just not look good on a 6-segment blade, the low fidelity just looks bad, and you end up seeing the edges between the segments more than you see the intended effect.
  2. Some effects (Like HumpFlicker) actually look different when the number of LEDs changes. For HumpFlicker, it may be possible to work around this by using the third argument (gradient) but the frame rate is also going to be different, so it may be difficult to get it to look the same.

What is missing to get a complete style?
I’m fine with scroll in and out and some flickering. I don’t need clash effects for the beginning.

It is difficult to describe the effect I want. In any case, the hump-flicker is exactly the effect I want.
But when I transfer it to my 6 LEDs, the gaps between the bright spots are far too large. I think if I could reduce the number of LEDs, it would probably get it right.

Which of the parameters is the gradient? :grimacing:

Ok, then as profezzorn notes you’ll want to adjust Hump Width, the 3rd parameter in the HumpFlicker to try to get it to work better but you may find it hard given the style is meant to work over a larger area. You might want to try a Rotoscope style in my library, they will often scale better on shorter blades.

Hey :slight_smile:
a friend of mine helped me to understand the style-editor and he made me a simple style just to check if the ProffieOS converts the style to my 6 segments correctly. And it does!! Great thing.

I checked what you said and I really like your hyper responsive rotoscope-Blade Style.
But it took me half the sunday to NOT getting it flashed on my proffieboard v2.2.
The error text says:

…error: expected primary-expression before ‘,’ token
27 | , “Ignition” }
| ^

Is there something I’m doing wrong?
I just can`t find my mistake.
Can you help me?

Post your config using

Seems like you have a least one extra comma somewhere.