How to implement AUX2 for specific tasks?

I’ve tried searching the forum here, and on some FB groups to see if people have already implemented 3 button options for sabers. I know how to enable the AUX2 in the config, but in quickly searching both saber_fett263_buttons and saber_BC_buttons prop files, it seems all that is being handled is that AUX2 does exactly what the regular AUX button does.

So my question is, can I implement specific actions, or EFFECT_USER events to do specific things in the blade style that only AUX2 button enables, or do I have to both implement it in the blade style as well as editing the prop file? Has anyone already done some specific three button operations besides blasters? Something just for sabers? If so, can you point me to those threads, or any reading material?

Again, I understand how to add the 3rd button in the config, but how do I assign the third button to only do specific tasks?

Thanks in advance for any tips or advice, and apologies if it has been discussed at length before…I just couldn’t find anything pertinent to my questions.

See here:

Yep. That’s what I needed to read. Not sure why it didn’t occur to me to check the pod site. Thanks!

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You’re welcome

If it helps , here’s an example of the syntax.

  SaberBase::DoEffect(EFFECT_USER2, 0);
  return true;
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Thanks, Brian.

I didn’t end up using any bladestyle level button commands. @fett263, I just used your prop file as the base, and found the functions I wanted to implement, and added my case eventid things there.

What a learning experience. The first thing I attempted was lightning block lockup. I managed to get it to turn on in a similar fashion as hold AUX2 while clashing…however, I neglected to consider the release of the button. Upon testing, lightning block engaged, and remained until turning the saber off with kill switch. LOL.

With that in mind, I only added a few extra controls 3 while blade on, 1 while blade off. Lightning Block when held and clashed, play quote quick press, start designated track any angle of blade when held long. Previous preset when blade off. Those were challenging enough to do without wrecking any other existing functions.

Thanks for your help, gentlemen. And boy, I have so much more appreciation for how much effort you put into to these prop files.

This is the way!