How to change the color in Style Editor or the other URL ? For example Rainbow

Hold the AUX button and click the PWR button , then rotated the blade , the color changed .
How to do it in the Style Edit or Fett263’s ProffieOS6 Style Library ?
Thank you !

Color change mode on the saber is making changes based on the style itself. If you’re building a style in Editor you need to manual change the colors within the code as you’re building the style.

If it’s the “color wheel” with the style using RotateColorsX<Variation, COLOR> , then the Variation slider changes the color in Style Editor.

Thank you .
But the style “rainbow” can not be changed the colors within the code .
In the saber , it will be changed by rotate the blade and press the key when rainbow style .

You mean just “Rainbow”? No, that is a fixed color yoi can’t change how it appears. My library has multiple rainbow options if you want different color mixes.

Thank you .
The library ? I got the blade style only in the URL: Style Editor .
So ,are there any other rainbows ? Where is the library ?

Which OS are you on? I have different libraries for each.

They are linked from my homepage: