How to change blade length?

So, I recently got my proffie board reading proffie OS, and all my custom blade styles loaded onto my saber after struggling for two days…almost, I’m still encountering one problem. The blade fonts seem to be made with 32 inch blades in mind, whereas mine has a 36 inch blade. Where would I be able to change this setting. Thank you for your help in my last post!

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It’s a setting in the blade[] array in your config file.

If you’re using a WS281XBladePtr setup, then see here for more info:

You can also use the edit blade length menu with 6.x and Fett263 prop file.

Also, this can get you the exact amount to enter:

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Got it! Turns out there was a typo in my config file, but I found it. Thank you guys

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