How expensive/difficult would it be to swap out a v2.2 board for a v3.7 board?

If features get too advanced and require too much memory in the future for older boards, I’d like to know how hard it would be to upgrade if necessary

The only part that might cause some problems is that some of the pads have moved. Everything else should be the same (or better).

I’tll be a sad day when our v2.2s start falling behind. And, to be honest, it’ll just leave the rest of the competition even further behind.

@profezzorn: Relatedly, is there any way of tracking market share at all? I’d honestly be saddened if Proffie dominated as competition is best for users.

Personally, I still have first-run v1.5s in my many of my sabers and still haven’t had any issues. There may be some things in the future, but my 1.5s and 2.2s still run everything I want in OS6 and all of the development I’ve been working is done and tested on my 1.5 and 2.2 sabers.

It may just be me, but I don’t think it’s on Proffieboard to slow down, I think it’s on others to speed up if they aren’t able to keep pace. I think “innovation” is best for users, pushing the envelope and making things better and better. Then users can pick what they want from what’s out there, and if other options fall behind they’ll be compelled to innovate as well, that’s usually how technology works in my experience.


This hobby is echoing the DJ tech industry between 2005 and 2018… Massive tech leaps for the first few years, explosion in new users, then it became iterative and the customer base shrank down a bit.

From what I see, most companies use custom, CF or GH. Proffie are the best but also take the most effort for installing and programming. But many use it as an option. Now, in the DIY, I think Proffies are the most used. I’m saying this with zero hard numbers, just from browsing a lot of seller’s sites and forums.

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Tracking market share would require that people disclose their sales figures, which seems unlikely.

New tech is always exciting, but external factors are probably a bigger influence: (Disney buying SW, new movies, the mandalorian, etc.)

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The tech will be driven by the rise in popularity.

I am looking at 2.2 and what I believe to be the latest 3.7 and it seems that for the basics it should be pretty simple for most setups.

For a 1 or 2 button saber with a single neopixel blade

  • Battery, Speaker, LED1 thru 5 stay as-is.
  • Button 1 and 2 swap. [Software config change]
  • Data 1 moves 1 pad further away from USB port. [Unsolder, move 2mm]

If you have more than a single neopixel strip there is likely a move of 6mm to 10mm per, which could be problematic.

I suspect that so long as the proffie is easily got to, the 3.7 change should be doable in 1-2 hours.

That’s good to hear, thanks for the info! Now if only we could solve this chip shortage…

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That is a whole new kettle of fish. Like @profezzorn said “external factors” and all.