How do I convert a standard text config file into an H file that Arduino can read?

Hi, I just recently got my first proffie saber from Neosabers and am trying to learn how to add sound fonts. I’ve got Arduino installed, and the latest ProffieOS downloaded. However, I would like to edit the config on the saber I received, just add a couple new sound fonts. I’ve been watching some youtube videos and it looks like the manufacturer included the config file, but it’s just a basic text file and not an H file that Arduino can read. Is there a way to convert the file? I don’t want to start from scratch since this is my first attempt. Thank you!

You don’t edit your config file in Arduino.
Just a text editor program.
While Notepad or whatever basic built-in editor can work fine, it’s suggested to use something more code friendly.
You’ll have much clearer visibility of your file using something like Sublime Text or MS Visual Code.

As far as “converting”, you literally just rename the file name and change the .txt extension to .h.

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There is no actual “conversion” needed, like NoSloppy said, you just need to rename it.
This can be done without any program, but to do that you need to tell windows to not hide the file extensions in that directory first. (How you do this varies between windows versions, so I suggest googling it.)

Another way to do it is to make a copy of another .H file, rename it to whatever name you want, then open it up in some text editor, then delete all the lines of content in the file and then paste in the contents you actually want.

Please avoid using wordpad or MS word for editing .h files. You often end up with “smart quotes” which will result in hard-to-find compilation errors.

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