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Hello my fellow Padawans. I have been able to compile my config for except these last errors. I took things slowly and I went preset by preset by running them one by one. If it passed, I pasted it on my config. So when I did the final config run in Arduino I got this. I will attach the config and the error thru Pastebin.


There is something wrong with the layer on line 212.
The TrConcat<> has an EFFECT_PREON in it, which isn’t right.

I’m pasting and copying directly from the config file provided in the font. Its from Mountain Sabers - Light Saber Fonts & Sounds “JumpBike”

here is the config:

It’s different though, try copying and pasting it again.

Ok. I reached to the creator of the font. He took a look at it and found what it was. He gave me permission to post of the why; everyone can benefit from it. “It happens because of the end of the preset. That (), “Speeder”}, is made for oled screen to read. for some reason it is not working so it comes up as that error you had.”
He sent me another config file. That was awesome, also; he refunded me for my second download…im going to spend it on another font from him. LOL!

Thanks to everyone. Now to install it. Wish me luck. MTFBWY…Aways!

This is incorrect. Adding that string after styles is not what caused this error.
The string at the end “Speeder” is used for more things than OLEDs. It is not required, but it is recommended. Not only does it make the webusb interface better, it also helps provide better error messages in some cases. Even if you don’t have an OLED or use WebUSB, having that string after the styles is harmless.

The actual problem was that you were missing a closing bracket for your TransitionEffect Layer’s TrConcat. The part after TrBoing :upside_down_face:
should be

Sorry for all the confusion on this post. I was certainly wrong on my outcome to my client. I appreciate you all correcting me on my mistakes to make it right. Thank you and I do appreciate it very much.

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