Hera in Ahsoka series

I have to say it.
I am not happy with the portrayal of Hera (physically)
I mean, maybe she’ll be a great actress and do the character justice, but why is the appearance SO OFF?

What could have been, and what we’re going to get:

Who knows who the middle one is, it’s from the Fandom Wiki before Disney+ released the trailer, but OMG so much better, even if the head covering is different, I would have totally accepted that as she looks fantastic. 
Face shape right, skin color and marking right, goggles/headphones good…

But this!?

Who even is that!?

I mean, they nailed Zeb. Granted, it’s CGI. Sabine is totally buyable.

Physically, I think Rosario can pass (I hate that her head tails fold like a foam looking balloon, but gets a pass anyway.) But she’s very stern, like ALL the time. Ahsoka would be all cutesy and childish with grogu, or caring with a stranger in need with a soft voice. I don’t see Rosario pulling that soft side off at all. Maybe she’s hardened after the passed time. Sure.

But why couldn’t we even get CLOSE ?

Ok rant over.

The Hera thing really bothers me.

I’m saving any assumptions until I see the episodes, hopefully at Lucas Arts. :wink:
*Side-topic Are we gonna get to see little Jacen?
**This may all just be teaser content and the added in CGI will happen in the episodes.
***This may be budget-cuts at work given the current pull-back that has been mentioned.

Middle one is her appearance in Star Wars Squadrons. Vanessa Marshall reprised the voice role.

I personally think it looks alright. What we see now might not even be how it is in the final cut anyway. They did significant colour grade adjustments between the trailers as it is.

The Ghost Lego set from the series has Jacen with brown hair so rumour is he will appear.

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They repurposed a Hulk makeup kit from 80’s era deadstock :slight_smile:

I hope her portrayal sells it.

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I’m down with any screentime for our favourite space mum (sorry Dr Crusher).

I really like Mary Elizabeth Winstead. Ramona Flowers in Scott Pilgrim, Kate in, uh, Kate.